Qing Ming Festival 2019

Registration is open now! Download the registration form here.
Various auspicious offerings and dedication tablet available.

Visit http://english.thekchencholing.org/ullambana/ for more info.

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Dharma Education 2019 – Daily Prayers

New to Buddhism? Keen to know how to begin our daily practice and how to recite Shakyamuni Buddha morning prayers and other prayers?

Join our Daily prayer class, an introduction for beginners by Ani Thubten Chodron!

Date: 27 July 2019 (Sat)
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Venue: 38 Foch Road, Level 2 Classroom
Course Fee: $10

About the Instructor:Venerable Thubten Chodron, born in Singapore, was ordained by H.E Denma Lochoe Rinpoche in Kopan Monastery, Nepal in March 2004. Venerable is among Singha Rinpoche’s (Spiritual Director of Thekchen Choling) first disciples and is instrumental in realizing Rinpoche’s wish to set up a temple in Malaysia. Venerable visited Melaka in Oct 2012, to help with the set up of Thekchen Choling(Melaka) and to propagate the Dharma. Since 2012, Venerable had organized Dharma activities such as Dharma teachings (in English and Mandarin), prayers, chanting, various pujas, house/company blessings, animal liberations and the Annual Wesak Float Procession organized by Seck Kia Ennh Buddhist temple in Melaka.

Sign up now as limited seat available.

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Dear all, due to the Vesak celebrations, the Free TCM Clinic will be stopping the service on the following dates:

Sun TCM Clinic:
No TCM from 28 April to 26 May 2019 (Sun).
Service will resume on 2 Jun 2019 (Sun).

Wed TCM clinic:
No TCM from 1 May to 5 Jun 2019 (Wed).
Service will resume on 12 Jun 2019 (Wed).

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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We are moving from SMS to Telegram!

Dear Friends of Thekchen Choling,

In keeping up with technology and enabling better efficiency to disseminate information on temple’s events and activities, we are introducing ‘Telegram’ app to gradually replace our current SMS system.

Benefits of Telegram App
– Able to send out links/documents, videos, posters
– Unlimited in the number of words for each message
– Unlimited in the number of subscribers
– Allow for multiple administrators
– Allow for both Eng/Chi languages

How to Add to Thekchen Choling Info Channel:
A) If you already have the Telegram app, please add to this Channel: https://t.me/Tcclinfochannel

B) If you do not have Telegram, please follow the instructions below to download the app and add to the channel:

1. Download the Telegram app: https://telegram.org/dl
2. Click on this link to add to Thekchen Choling Info Channel: https://t.me/Tcclinfochannel
3. Do approach our staff if you need any assistance.

How this move will take effect?
To introduce this Telegram system, there will be a transition period. For those who are already in the Telegram Info channel, you will receive both SMS and Telegram messages in April 2019.
With effect from May 2019, we will then remove your number from the SMS system.

We seek your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you.

telegram update

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Youth Programme is now open for Registration !!!


Thekchen Choling Youth works towards fulfilling our mission of nurturing the inner potential of leadership through Dharma education & creative opportunities where every effort and achievement makes a difference. Every youth have the potential to succeed and become a leader in their own ways.
Our SAIL programme focus on guiding youths to become more self-aware in various areas like managing their emotions and ways they interact with others.

What is SAIL?
SAIL is the name of our youth development programme which focus on helping youths evolve to have Self-awareness, and eventually become Aspiring and Inspiring Leaders.

Join us to be Aspiring Leaders Now!

Download the SAIL Registration Form 2019 here or you can Register via Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/brXbhVR8bBlfTCey2

Class Details:
13-18 years old
Commencement Date: 13 July 2019

Class Schedule:
Every Saturday, 11am – 1pm
Venue: 38 Foch Rd, Singapore 209267
Course Fee: Free

View programme dates here.


Follow us on IG: tccl_sg_youth to catch up with our latest news !

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