Prayers to Guru Rinpoche

When the annual astrological influences bring difficult situations, such as a lack of trusted benefactors (贵人) or a profusion of scheming villains (小人), Chinese customs prescribe remedies such as “beating the villains” (打小人) and making offerings to the White Tiger Deity.

In our tradition, we neutralize these negative influences by appealing to the protection and blessings of Guru Dorje Drolö – the wrathful manifestation of Guru Rinpoche. Guru Dorje Drolö helps us realize that our external conditions are the result of our inner conditions and mindstream. In doing so, he helps us to subdue our obstacles; as a manifestation of divine wisdom, he gives us the clarity to transform negative influences into auspiciousness.

Benefits of praying to Guru Dorje Drolö:

• Clears away disease, plagues,
• Brings well-being and happiness,
• Eliminates obstacles and hindrances,
• Guides us on the path of wisdom and compassion and
• Fulfills our wishes.

The following are the animal signs, lunar month and birth times in conflict with scheming characters:





At Thekchen Choling Singapore, devotees may seek blessings from Guru Dorje Drolö over two days, from 6th March, 5.56am to 7th March,10.59pm.

Our volunteers and staff will guide you on how to conduct these prayers. Devotees can also make an offering for a blessed Guru Dorje Drolö amulet for protection.

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Happy Birthday!

Thekchen Choling wishes all members whose birthdays are in March a Fruitful and Happy Birthday! A lotus light has been offered to all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas on your behalf!

May your life be brighten with wisdom and filled with abundance and auspicious conditions! May all wishes be fulfilled!

There’s a Medicine Buddha Puja and incense puja dedicated to all members on 14/3/2015 (Sat) at 10am.

Thank you for being our members and continuously supporting the temple’s activities.

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Namdrol Rinpoche’s Birthday Celebration

Thekchen Choling wishes our dearest Guru, Namdrol Rinpoche, a very Happy birthday!
May Rinpoche has a long and stable life! May Rinpoche’s Dharma teachings spread and flourish far and wide!

Thekchen Choling will be celebrating Rinpoche’s lunar birthday on the following dates:

21 Mar 2015 (Sat) :
2pm – Recitation of “The Infinite Life Sutra” (Chi)
5pm – Volunteers Appreciation Dinner

23 Mar 2015 (Mon) :
8pm – Guru Puja

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BESAR Project CNY 2015

The BESAR Project CNY 2015 ration distribution, a collaboration between Thekchen Choling and Jalan Besar Citizens’ Consultative Committee, has been auspiciously completed on 7 Feb 2015 (Sat), giving out Gifts of love to 1250 needy residents and elderly staying in 1-room and 2-room flats at 3 main areas under the care of Jalan Besar CC, Kallang CC and Geylang West CC.

We sincerely thank all the volunteers who have came to help to pack and to distribute that day, for spending their time and effort for a meaningful cause to spread festive cheer. We also thank our generous sponsors who have support this project in kind and in donation to provide the Gifts which consists of 15 food items and daily necessities.

Thank you!

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Chinese New Year 2015

Join us in the CNY celebration as we welcome the Year of the Goat!
Click here to download the Registration form.

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