Happy birthday!

Thekchen Choling wishes all members whose birthdays are in September a Fruitful and Happy Birthday! A lotus light has been offered to all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas on your behalf!

May your life be brighten with wisdom and filled with abundance and auspicious conditions! May all wishes be fulfilled!

There’s a Medicine Buddha Puja and incense puja dedicated to all members on 5/9/2015 (Sat) at 10am.

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Paying Respects to President of Singapore Buddhist Lodge

Namdrol Rinpoche and members of Thekchen Choling (Singapore) will be going to Singapore Buddhist Lodge on 1 Sep 2015 (Tue) at 2.30pm to pay our last respect to our benefactor, the President of Buddhist Lodge, Mr Lee Bock Guan, who has passed away.

For Thekchen Choling members who would like to go together, please be at the Buddhist Lodge at 2.30pm wearing TCCL t-shirt.

Address:17-19, Kim Yam Road Singapore 239329

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Updates on the 13m tall 1000-Armed Avalokitesvara

An update about our Most holy and Divine 13 meter high 1000 Armed Avalokiteśvara. The main body is almost completed and the craftsman have begun the carving of the back aura! They have estimated to complete in about three months time, so have you been reciting and accumulating your mantras?

The time has come to start ordering sandlewood powder and rolling of mantras! The six meter tall pine tree from inside Tibet to be used as the life tree has been cut down and properly marked for the directions facing east and is currently on the way to Chengdu for cutting and shaping! May whoever who is connected and prays before this holy rupa have all their wants and needs fulfilled according to the holy Dharma and awaken to Buddahood quickly! Let’s rejoice together!

Namdrol Rinpoche


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Ullambana Festival 2015

The Ullambana Festival 2o15 has been auspiciously completed. On behalf of the Management, Staff and Organizing Committee of Thekchen Choling, we thank Namdrol Rinpoche and Sangyumla for the guidance, the Sangha for leading the prayers and chanting, the Volunteers for their time and effort and your participation in this event!

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Usui Reiki Attunement Level 2 Class

Interested to learn Usui Reiki to Heal self and others!
Sign up now!

Click here for the Reiki Level 2 Registration form!

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