Nepal Trip 2017, Confession on the flags – 5 March 2017

A brief Dharma Teaching by Singha Thekchen Namdrol Rinpoche at Nepal
A summary by Anne-Marie Wagonis

Rinpoche offered this advice while in Nepal in reference to the hanging of prayer flags:
“We must pray that we are putting up these prayer flags and we are making this great offering not only for yourself but for all beings. On your own side you should also pray for past pets, your ancestors, your friends and loved ones and also, you must pray for your enemies because they didn’t have the merit and they became your enemy. In our dharma practice we should try to have no enemy. So we must pray for those who have misunderstood us also. It’s very important so that all of us can become a Buddha together! This is our motivation.

We are here to pray, to write our wishes onto the prayer flags and most important always to pray for the long life of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, pray for the long life of your Guru, for Jhado Rinpoche and for all of the gurus who hold us, help us and bless us. Pray for Thekchen Choling to flourish. And pray for each other to have good conditions, have a good life and have a good dharma practice. Pray for each other, forgive ourselves and forgive each other. This is my prayer.

I wish all of you success and for all of your wishes to come true! Also, you must do confession. And now is the best time to do confession and purification. Confess from your heart, open your soul and your heart window and confess and purify. You must clean up from the inside.”
~ Namdrol Rinpoche ~

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