Rinjung Gyatsa Empowerment by Jhado Rinpoche

This October, we are honoured to invite Venerable Jhado Rinpoche, former abbot of Namgyal Monastery back to Thekchen Choling. Rinpoche will be continuing to grant the Rinjung Gyatsa empowerment.

The Precious Source of Attainment of an Ocean of Mind-Bound Deities” (Rinjung Gyatsa) is a collection of sadhanas and initiation methods for three-hundred and five deities compiled by Jonang Jetsun Taranatha who lived from 1575 to 1634. This is a very rare empowerment that covers all four classes of tantra.

Join us to receive this great blessing of Rinjung Gyatsa from 20 Oct to 29 Nov 2017. Please check the poster schedule for the dates and timing.

The empowerment is for Buddhists only and all participants are requested to be on pure vegetarian diet.

2017 Rinjung Gyatsa POS

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