Vesak Celebrations 2018

This month of Vesak, as we celebrate the Birth, Enlightenment and the Parinirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha, we invite you to join us to connect with friends, family and the community to experience the light of wisdom, encouraging all to lead beneficial lives.

This Vesak, we have a series of activities lined up for you and your family to particpate in, such as the Gybashi puja, the Green Tara fire puja, Recitation of 10,000 Buddha Names, Unveiling of Wish Fulfilling Thangka and Carnival on Vesak day.

For merit making opportunities, you may download the Vesak Registration Form 2018.

Join us now to accumulate merits together! Bring your family and friends along!

2018 Vesak BRC final12018 Vesak BRC final22018 Vesak BRC final4

2018 Vesak BRC final3

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