Adult Dharma

Adults in Thekchen Choling (Singapore) engage in a living Dharma practice through the pursuit of devotion, skillfulness, integrity and camaraderie.

We interact in an informal, vibrant, and non-judgmental social setting to deepen our appreciation of Buddhist principles and find expression for these sacred truths in our hectic, ever changing environment.

Through our interactions and mutual support, we bring greater spiritual depth to our lives and in the process bear witness to the power of the Buddha’s teachings.

Singha Thekchen Namdrol Rinpoche’s teachings on Every Thursday (English) and Friday (Chinese)

Every Thursday, Singha Rinpoche engages his students in English and he does the same in Mandarin on Fridays. Rinpoche’s teachings are always vibrant and fun. He skillfully translates the Buddha’s teachings, making it relevant to our daily activities and experiences. Come join us and experience the Buddha Dharma made simple and digestable.

Dharma Classes 2019

1)  Buddhist Tenets of 4 Schools by Geshe Thubten Tashi

What are Buddhist Tenets?
Buddhist Tenets are part of Buddhist philosophy, which focus on the topic of selflessness/emptiness.

Time & Date:
6/11 (Wed), 8pm
10/11 (Sun), 2pm
13/11 (Wed), 8pm

All are welcome to attend the class.

2) Mandala Offering by Ani Thubten Chodron

Date: 8 Dec 19
38 Foch Rd, Level 2 Classroom
Dharma Fee Donation: SGD $10

Note: Bring along your Mandala set if you have.

About Instructor: 
Venerable Thubten Chodron, born in Singapore, was ordained by H.E Denma Lochoe Rinpoche in Kopan Monastary, Nepal in March 2004. Venerable is among Singha Rinpoche’s (Spiritual Director of Thekchen Choling) first disciples. Venerable is instrumental in realizing Rinpoche’s wish to set up a temple in Malaysia in 2012 and help to propagate the Dharma in Melaka. 
Since 2012, Venerable has organized Dharma activities such as Dharma Teachings (in English & Mandarin), prayers, chanting, various pujas, house/company blessings at the various Dharma Centers in Singapore and Malaysia.

You are welcome to register at our service counter.

3) Intro to Meditation by Keith Cheung

Date: 1/12, 8/12, 15/12 & 22/12 (Sun) (4 Lesson)
Time: 10am – 11.30am
Venue: 38 Foch Rd, Level 2 Classroom
Dharma Fund Donation: FOC

About Instructor:
A disciple of Singha Rinpoche since 2005, Keith started facilitating Dharma lessons as a Assistant Teacher in the Basic Buddhism Class offered by Thekchen Choling in 2009. He was Youth Group to coach them in the performance area of singing, dancing and acting in 2012 where his love for teaching blossoms. 
Since 2014, he conducts the Basic Buddhism courses both in English and Chinese. He has been guiding the temple’s Meditation programs and retreats since 2016. 
Keith is also a volunteer translator(English/Chinese) during Singha Rinpoche’s teachings.

You are welcome to register at our service counter.

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