Thekchen Choling welcomes you to assist us in our wide range of activities such as outreach programmes, dharma propagation and to help us to maintain the temple. Your practice of generosity is very much appreciated.

This year in 2015, Project G.I.V.E. was launched at the Guru Rinpoche Dinner. Your contribution directly supports the temple in its ability to continue being a spiritual home 24/7 throughout the year, supports the temple community services for lower income families and children and all the activities that the temple engages in to benefit people and brings.

Why G.I.V.E? Just because together we can achieve so much more. Through your GENEROSITY, you can support INSPIRED actions and add VALUE to your life and the lives around you. We appeal to your ENLIGHTENED wisdom within. No gift is too small, no effort is too insignificant. On behalf of all beneficiaries, thank you all for your love of all beings!

Download the Project GIVE form to support the temple now!

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We welcome donations to the following funds:

General Operations

  • To help us with our general operating costs of temple

Animal Liberation Fund

  • Animal liberation pujas will be conducted overseas in countries such as Nepal/India, Indonesia, China or Malaysia. The animals that will be liberated included birds, fishes, sheep, tortoises, buffaloes etc.

Dharma Propagation Fund

  • To print, translate and publish Buddha Dharma text, prayer books and free distribution books to benefit all sentient beings.

Medicine for the Needy

  • To provide free medicine for the needy during our free TCM consultation.

How you can help

If you would like to donate to any of the above funds, please click  :


For cheque donation, kindly mail the donation form together with the cheque attention to:

2 Beatty Lane
Singapore 209945

For cash, credit cards and NETs donation, you may donate at the frontdesk at Thekchen Choling.

We sincerely rejoice in your generosity and merits!

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