Guru Rinpoche Retreat

Guru Rinpoche (“Precious Guru”) or Padmasambhava (“The Lotus Born”) was the sage guru who brought Vajrayana Buddhism to the Himalayan kingdoms during the eighth century. To this day, he is regarded as the second Buddha in these regions.

Guru Rinpoche’s life story is replete with miraculous accounts. For instance, he was incarnated as an eight year-old child appearing in a lotus blossom in Lake Dhanakosha, in the kingdom of Oddiyana (present day Pakistan). Then in Rewalsar (Tso Pema), the local king tried to burn him alive when he found out Guru Rinpoche was giving tantric teachings to his daughter Princess Mandarava. When the smoke cleared, Guru Rinpoche was found intact and deep in meditation. Guru Rinpoche and Princess Mandarava were also believed to have achieved immortal bodies in the form of the Living Rainbow Body of the Great Transference after practising secret rituals in Maratika Cave in Nepal.

Guru Rinpoche’s fame became known to King Trisong Detsen of Tibet (742–797), whose kingdom was beset by evil mountain deities. The king invited Guru Rinpoche to Tibet, where Guru Rinpoche successfully subdued the evil forces. He founded Tibet’s first monastery, Samye Gompa, initiated the first monks and introduced the people to the practice of Tantric Buddhism. He also hid a number of termas (secret teachings) in the lakes, caves, fields and forests of the Himalayan region, to be discovered and interpreted by future tertöns or spiritual treasure-finders.

Each year, Thekchen Choling celebrates Guru Rinpoche’s birthday on the tenth day of the sixth lunar month. A thanksgiving dinner is offered to sponsors and benefactors as well. For 2011’s celebration, Thekchen Choling unveiled for the first time Southeast Asia’s largest Guru Rinpoche thangka. Going forward, this awe-inspiring thangka will be unveiled annually on this day.

Guru Rinpoche Retreat 2019 – Realign through His Presence

Guru Rinpoche Retreat is back again!

Mark your dates on 6 & 7 July 2019 (Sat & Sun). This year, we will be celebrating the birthday of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, who is the Guru Rinpoche of our time, on 6 July.

May this retreat Realign our life and meaning through His presence and Accumulate great merits though communal recitation.

Specially for this year, the retreat will be held at the Singapore Expo! Sponsored ticket fee is at $20 per person.


Date: 6 & 7 July 2019 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 9am to 6pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Max Atria Topaz Room


Thank you for your interest in Guru Rinpoche Retreat. Registration for this retreat have now officially closed. Thank you for the support once again.


Offering for Guru Rinpoche Retreat have started. You can start to offer:
1) Lotus Light Offering
2) Tsog Offering Set
3) Mandala Offering

4) Dragon Incense (8 ft & 12 ft)


You can also make an offering online for Guru Rinpoche Retreat by clicking on to
You are welcome to make offerings during this meritorious retreat for your friends & family! 


Download the Guru Rinpoche Retreat Info Sheet for the program outline and things to bring along for the retreat.

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