Vaidurya Healing Festival

Vaidurya Healing Festival 2019 – Healing Sounds for Mother Earth

Feeling tired and burned out? 

Come rejuvenate your body, speech and mind through the healing energies of sound this Vaidurya Healing Festival! 

Registration has started. Download the Registration Form and the Healing Festival Brochure here.

Recitation Highlights

1) Pledge 100,000 recitation of Seven Medicine Buddha Long Mantra (Eng/Chi)

Join us in the group recitations or make a pledge to dedicate recitations of the Seven Medicine Buddha Long Mantra to the well-being of all sentient beings everyday throughout the entire Vaidurya Healing Festival! We’ll be pledging 100,000 mantras globally dedicated to the healing of our planet earth from 9 Sep to 27 Oct.

*Submit your pledge via the google Form link: or at the temple’s front desk.

Download the pledge package with the full set of prayers here : HF Medicine Buddha Mantra Dedication Prayer (Eng)

Final Consolidation of Mantra Count:

Submit your 7 Medicine Buddha Long Mantra count here by 27/10 (Sun) 6pm:

Listen to the Seven Buddha Long Mantra here:

Download it here:

2) Opening of Vaidurya Healing Festival
9 Sep (Mon) 8pm  – Recitation of the Seven Medicine Buddha Sutra (Chi)

3) Global Prayer Day for Mother Earth
6 Oct (Sun) 2pm – Recitation of Medicine Buddha mantra and Medicine Buddha Puja (Eng)

4) Renunciation Day of Guan Yin
17 Oct (Thu) 8pm – Recitation of Lotus Sutra Universal Door Chapter (Chi)

5) Lord Medicine Buddha Celebration Day 
27 Oct (Sun) 10am – Medicine Buddha Initiation (Please be on pure veg diet)

*All proceeds collected from this event are donations supporting the activities of Thekchen Choling (Singapore) *

Merit Accumulation

1) Medicine Buddha Healing Tablet
$49 per name (49 days)

2) Light of Longevity and Healing
$888 Per Set (Per Name/Family/Company)
Why you should offer this?
Strong and Stable Life Force, Wealth of Abundance  

3) Light of Victory and Vitality
$388 Per Set (Per Name/Family/Company)

Specially designed by Singha Rinpoche to brighten up your overall outlook so as to attract harmonious relationships, strengthen positive life force and activate life opportunities. 

4) Light of Mandala
$108 Per Set (Per Family Up to 4 Names)
Let this tower of lights illuminate the lives of yourself and those around you!

5) Yearly Auspicious Light
$100 Per Year/Name
Why you should offer this?
For a clear life path and overcome obstacles and challenges 

6) Food Offerings to all Buddhas
Medicine Buddha Day and Guanyin Renunciation Day
$28 Per Name
$128 Per Set (Per Name/Family/Company)

7) Longevity Hamper
$128 Per Set (Per Name/Family/Company)

8) Offering of Fruit & Flower Hamper 
$50 Per Set (Per Name/Family/Company)

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are open for sponsorship for the following: 
1) Donation of Medicine
2) Meals Offering (Lunch on Guanyin Day/ Medicine Buddha Day) 
3) Event Banner
4) Seven Medicine Buddhas Backdrop Banner 
5) Thekchen ‘Drum On!’ (Venue)
6) Healing Day (Venue & Refreshments)
7) Stop.Breathe.Live Retreat 

*Please refer to Thekchen Choling (Singapore)’s notice board for details.*

Event Highlights

1) Lord Medicine Buddha Fire Puja

The Lord Medicine Buddha Fire Puja helps to purify the karma of unwholesome actions and clears away obstacles and defilements.

Date: 18 Oct (Fri)
Time: 7.30pm 
Venue: Thekchen Choling (Singapore)
$20 offering per pax

Why you should attend?
Improve difficult situations and purify negativities which can lead to illnesses.

You can now purchase tickets online:

2) Thekchen ‘Drum On’ – Drumming circle 

Date: 21 Sep (Sat)
Time: 10am
Venue: Jalan Besar Community Club Multi-purpose Hall
$20 offering per pax 

Why you should attend?
Heal yourself while having fun! Drum your way to a stronger immunity and clear away anxiety, stress, blockages and negative feelings. Studies show that drumming accelerates physical healing while boosting the immune system. Drumming is also proven to reduce anxiety and stress, releasing negative feelings and blockages. So, whether you are eight or eighty years old, grab this chance to sign up for Thekchen ‘Drum On’!

Please register at the front desk. Children below the age of 12 years old will need parental consent to take part. 

3) Healing Day – Yoga & Meditation by the Sea 

Date: 20 Oct (Sun)
Time: 8.30am 
Venue: Labrador Park Berlayer Shade
$20 offering per pax 

Why you should attend?
Tune in to the rhythm of Mother Earth by meditating with the sound of waves and doing yoga by the sea.
We are very fortunate to have our Spiritual Director, Singha Rinpoche, to conduct the meditation session and Mr. Prashant Singh, Master Yoga Therapist, from Union Yoga Ayurveda to conduct the Yoga session for us! Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

You can now purchase tickets online:

4) Stop. Breathe. Live. Retreat – Healing Sounds for Mother Earth

Date: 2 – 3 Nov (Sat – Sun) 
Venue: Camp Challenge

Why you should attend?
Join us in a 2D/1N retreat in Singapore to complete this Vaidurya Healing Festival with a “bang”!
Following the theme of “Healing Sounds for Mother Earth”, the Stop. Breathe. Live. retreat will be packed with exciting activities such as Singing Bowl, Healing with Vocals and Dance Circle. Take a break from your daily routine and come rejuvenate with us.

You can now purchase tickets online:

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