Healing Festival

Medicine Buddha

Prayers to Medicine Buddha create the causes for healing both in this life and in future ones as well.

In the Medicine Tantras, Shakyamuni Buddha describes Medicine Buddha as an enlightened being who has special powers of healing. The special healing blessings of Medicine Buddha may be obtained by reciting his name or mantra.


The Buddha of Compassion goes by various names – “Guan Yin”, “Chenrezig” or “Avalokiteshvara” and appears in various forms such as the 4-Armed or 1000-Armed Chenrezig emanations.

Through his loving compassion and boundless great compassion, Chenrezig hears the pleas of help and heals the suffering of all sentient beings. Prayers to the compassionate Lord Chenrezig helps in transforming our deluded thoughts. With a positive mind, we can only be happier beings.

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