Consultation with Rinpoche

Consultation with Rinpoche

Time:  Saturday 4-6pm
(Subject to change. Please call Tel:6466 3720 for consultation dates and enquiries)
Location: Thekchen Choling Main Hall

If you are facing personal or spiritual issues, a consultation with Namdrol Rinpoche could help alleviate your worry and provide an alternative perspective to your situation. Rinpoche is known for giving practical advice, and where necessary, he also uses dice divination based on the traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice of “MO”. From the divination, Rinpoche sometimes advises that certain prayers (pujas) or particular rituals be performed.

The consultation participants can choose to have these prayers and rituals done at Thekchen Choling. If these are not available at the temple, we can also help to arrange for the prayers to be conducted at affiliated temples overseas. Usually costs involved would include making offerings to the monks and nuns performing the ritual.

Alternatively, consultation participants can also make their own arrangements for the prayers to be conducted.


The consultations are on a first come, first served basis and consultation participants are requested to obtain a queue number from the temple’s main counter. We regret that we do not accept telephone reservations but you may wish to call the temple beforehand to ensure that the consultation session has not be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

The consultation is private. However, Rinpoche’s assistant may sit in to note prayers suggested.


How to have successful prayers

The prayers and rituals in themselves will not change a person’s karma. However, they activate positive potential that can result in a change in the person’s fortune and reduce the impact of any negative potential.

The “success” of prayer depends on the strength of karma. If karma is stronger than the latent positive potential, the desired outcome may not be achieved. However, one must realise that the prayers are never wasted and serve to create a positive merit.

For a divination to be successful, it is essential that the diviner should have a pure motivation and the person who came for advice believe in the diviner. It is important that they both pray to the Three Jewels, their root and lineage lamas and their deities, chiefly Palden Lhamo and other Dharma protectors, for a clear answer.

From the article “Looking into the Future”, reprinted with permission from Cho-Yang, No. 6.

Please call Tel:6466 3720 for consultation dates and enquiries.

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