Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year is the most important of all traditional Chinese festivals. It is celebrated over fifteen days and it symbolizes a new beginning. This is also a time when familial and social ties are reaffirmed. To usher in the New Year, families conduct a thorough spring-cleaning of their homes to symbolically “clean away” any inauspiciousness of the preceding year. This also readies their homes and paves the way for the arriving good luck in the coming year. Decorative items such as paper cut-outs, couplets and flowers are displayed prominently to ignite positive energies. The acts of buying new clothes and shoes and getting a new hair-cut also symbolize a fresh beginning. Importantly for Buddhists, devotional altars and statues are cleaned thoroughly and decorations and offerings from the previous year are replaced with fresh ones.

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, families host the traditional Reunion Dinner. Wherever they may be, all family members make their way back home to honour family ties. Each of the fifteen days marks a special occasion and Thekchen Choling celebrates these with a series of activities. For instance, the first day honours the deities of the heavens and earth as well as seniors of the family. This day also marks birthday of Maitreya Buddha. The seventh day, traditionally known as “Ren Ri “, celebrates the common man’s birthday. The ninth day observes the birthday of the Jade Emperor or Lord Indra. The fifteenth day celebrates “Yuan Xiao Jie” and marks the end of the festivities.

Chinese New Year 2020

CNY registration will will start on 9/12(Mon)!
Download the Contribution Form here.

Click to download the 2020 Almanac: CNY 2020 Almanac. You can also view 2020 Almanac below.

2 Jan – 19 Feb 2020

Merit Accumulation Offerings

M01 Mandala Lights

$2988 per lantern per year
Per Name / Family / Company

M02 Light of Enlightenment
$1988 per lantern per year
Per Name / Family / Company

M03 Prosperity and Longevity Tablet
$1380 per tablet per year
Per Name / Family / Company

M04 Offering of 12 Yaksha Generals
$2000 per tablet per year
Per Name / Family / Company

Note: Only 12 Statues available for offering. On first come first serve basis only.

*1 Year Installment payment for UOB Credit Card Members Only.*

M05 Bodhisattva Cundi Purification Puja

$188 per puja
Per Name / Family / Company

M06 Yearly Deity Light (Cundi / Manjushri / Chenrezig / Yellow Dzambala)
$100 per light per year
Per Name / Family / Company

M07 Meritorious Food Offering to Buddhas
$380 per set
Per Name / Family / Company

M08 Daily Food Offering to Buddhas
$30 per name

M09 Daily Tea Offering and Auspicious Offering
$12 per set
Per Name / Family / Company

M10 Prosperity Rice Bag
$18 per bag
Per Name / Family / Company

Date of collection: 24 Jan (Fri), 11.30pm

M11 Auspicious Offerings
$168 per set
Per Name / Family / Company

Date of offering: 24 Jan (Fri)


Thanksgiving Day Offerings

T01 Divine Light of 1000 Buddhas
$128 per set
Per Name / Family / Company
Date of offering: 2 Jan (Thurs)

T02 Thanksgiving Offering
$50 per set
Per Name / Family / Company
Date of offering: 2 Jan (Thur)

T03 Yearly Obstacles Cleansing Fire Puja
$10 per name
Date: 11 Jan (Sat), 8pm


Sakyadevaraja’s (Indra) Birthday Offerings)

S01 Grand Offering to 24 Heavenly Kings
$300 per table
Per Name / Family / Company
Date of offering: 1 Feb (Sat), 7.30pm

S02 Prosperity Offering to 24 Heavenly Kings
$50 per set
Per Name / Family / Company
Date of offering: 1 Feb (Sat), 7.30pm

Dzambala Birthday Offerings

D01 Treasures of Wealth
$50 per set
Per Name / Family / Company
Date of offering: 19 Feb (Wed)

D02 Offering of Auspicious Oranges
$68 per carton
Per Name / Family / Company

Chinese New Year Programme 2020

2 January (Th
u), Thanksgiving Day

11am – Food Offering before all Buddhas
6pm – Free Vegetarian Dinner
8pm – Sutra Recitation of “The Names of the 1000 Buddhas” (Chi)

11 January (Sat)

8pm – Yearly Obstacles Cleansing Fire Puja

24 January (Fri), CNY Eve

10pm – Invocation Prayer of Wealth Deities (Bring your wealth arrow, if any)
12am – Lion and Dragon Dance
12.30am – Blessing by Singha Rinpoche

25 January (
Sat), Birthday of Maitreya Buddha (1st Day of CNY)

8am – Palden Lhamo Puja (Tib)
11am – Sixteen Arhats Puja (Tib)
12nn – Lion Dance Performance

26 January (Sun) (2nd Day of CNY)

10am – Medicine Buddha Puja (Tib)
12nn – Free Vegetarian Lunch
4pm – Tea Offering to Dharma Protector (Tib)
5pm – Auspicious Ceremonial Greetings to Singha Rinpoche
6pm – Lo Hei
7pm – Free Vegetarian Dinner & Lion Dance Performance

1 February (S
at), Eve of Sakradevaraja‘s (Indra) Birthday

11am – Food Offering before all Buddhas
6.30pm – Free Vegetarian Dinner
7.30pm – Prayers before 24 Heavenly Kings
8pm – Recitation of “Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra” (Chi)
10pm – Lion Dance Performance

2 February (Su
n), Sakradevaraja‘s (Indra) Birthday

11am – Food Offering before all Buddhas

4 February (
Tue), Start of Spring (Li Chun)

5pm – Guru Puja (Tib), recitation of Sampa Lhundrup, Prayer for Spontaneously Accomplishing Wishes & Auspicious Puja (Tib)
6.30pm – Lion and Dragon Dance

8 February (Sa
t) , Spring Lantern Festival (Fifteenth day of CNY)

10am – Offering to Naga & Ganapati Puja (Tib)
11am – Food Offering before Buddhas
12nn – Free Vegetarian Lunch
4pm – 4 Protector Puja (Tib) & White Dzambala Puja (Tib)
8pm – Sutra Recitation of “The Names of the 1000 Buddhas”(Chi)
9.30pm – Lion Dance Performance

18 February (
Tue), Eve of Lord Dzambala’s Birthday

10pm – Wealth Bestowing Day of Yellow Dzambala, Invocation Prayers by Singha Rinpoche and Sanghas & Lion Dance Performance

19 February (We
d), Dzambala’s Birthday

10am – Yellow Dzambala Puja (Tib)
6.30pm – Free Vegetarian Dinner
8pm – White Dzambala Initiation

Join us in the CNY celebration as we welcome the new Year!

CNY Pre-Celebration Highlights

1) CNY Spring Cleaning

As we are ushering in Lunar New Year, we welcome you to join us in this great purification practice in cleansing the temple wall, Buddha statues and holy objects for merit accumulation opportunity.

Date: 1, 4 & 5 Jan (Wed, Sat & Sun)
Time: 10am – 6pm

5 Merits of cleaning :

‘Buddha gave a teaching called, ‘The five merits of cleaning.’

1) Cleaning creates a clear mind for yourself-
First he said it is important to understand that if we are motivated to clean the environment out of attachment and craving, it will never be an expression of true cleanliness. If we clean from the right motivation, on the other hand, we will not just achieve a clean environment, we will also attain mental and emotional lucidity, which is the true practice of cleaning meditation.

2) Cleaning brings about a clear mind in others-
The second merit is that anyone who comes to the temple will feel some kind of clarity in their own mind, instead of the usual clutter and confusion, because they will feel attuned to the neatness and beauty of the environment.

3) Cleaning attracts celestial beings-
While the first two merits are easy to understand, the third is somewhat different. It concerns the celestial divinities of the god-realm. Buddhism acknowledges six possible realms of existence – the hell, hungry ghost, human, animal, jealous gods and god realms – the latter of which includes miraculous beings of power and blessing. The Buddha said that despite us not be able to see these beings, they are able to visit us. If the environment is dirty however, they will never grace us with their presence. Only negative energies, spirits, and demonic forces will come and enjoy our dwellings. Negative attracts negative. It is very important to understand that we are not talking about enlightened Buddhas here, just beings of higher qualities than ourselves.

4) Cleaning causes beauty-
The fourth merit that the Buddha taught is that if you clean the temple or hermitage or whatever, it will create the type of karma that causes beauty. If you would like to become beautiful or handsome, you should clean the temples and shrine rooms.

5) Cleaning causes rebirth in the god realms-
The fifth and final merit that cleaning causes is a higher form of rebirth. We require more than this kind of merit to become a Buddha or take rebirth in a Pure Land; we require wisdom for that. Ordinary cleaning however, will lead to a level of virtue that is the cause of a rebirth in the heavenly realms of the gods.’

See you on 1 Jan, 4 Jan & 5 Jan at 10am. Do invite your family & friends along to gain merits together!

2) Thanksgiving Day

Date: 02/01/20 (Thu)
Time: 8pm

On this day, we can offer thanksgiving to our Gurus, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for their protection and guidance for year 2020.

Let’s offer our speech together in the Sutra Recitation of “The Names of 1000 Buddhas”.

T01 Divine light of 1000 Buddhas (S$128 each ) and T02 Thanksgiving hamper (S$50 each) are also available for offering. You may pre-order at our front desk counter now.

You may also offer red packets to the vase of abundance prosperity at temple as a thanksgiving on the day itself.

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